About Us

Watford Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Centre is a voluntary woman centered organisation; a charity run by women.

We offer non judgmental support to women and men who have been raped or sexually abused, no matter when or how it happened.

We offer a safe place for women and men over 16 years who have experienced sexual violence or abuse.

Watford Rape Crisis offers telephone support, sensitive to the individual's needs, as well as links to relevant organisations, information.

Watford Rape Crisis is a helpline which has trained volunteers who can offer support to anyone over the age of 16 yrs who has experienced sexual violence or abuse at any time in their lives.

We will listen to your story and will not be judgmental in any way. All that you tell us is treated with utmost confidentiality and care.

Watford Rape Crisis Centre can also offer support to relatives or close friends of survivors of rape or sexual abuse.

Please call our helpline when you need our support, if you are unable to reach us first time, please leave us a message and we will reply.