I have just been raped

If you have just been raped or sexually assaulted you will be in shock so try to keep warm and if possible, try to be with a friend or someone you can trust.

Have any injuries treated by your doctor or a hospital.

If there is a possibility you might be pregnant you could consider taking the morning after pill (up to 72 hours afterwards) or have a coil fitted (up to 5 days afterwards). Your GP or a Family Planning Clinic can do this - www.fpa.org.uk.

If you are worried about sexually transmitted infections you can go to a genito-urinary clinic (GUM); this is completely confidential and you do not need a letter from your doctor. You do not even have to give your name - www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk.

Herts SARC Contact details

24/7 Helpline 0808 178 4448

Email: Herts.SARC@nhs.net

If you are in danger - Dial 999